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Shae Gill is a singer from Pakistan. All of it you wish to know regarding ‘Pasoori’s’ record – breaking singer Shae Gill is right here.

Shae Gill Wikipedia

‘Pasoori’ one of the most hit tracks from Season 14 of Coke Studio. It’s been on the airwaves for a few weeks now, and aside from Ali Sethi’s magical singing and the reggaeton-inspired beat, we can’t help but admire Sethi’s co-singer Shae Gill and her exceptional vocals in the song. Sethi dubbed Gill the “Dua Lipa of Pakistan,” but who is she and how did she get her start as a singer?

Shae Gill is a promising young Pakistani singer. Shae Gill rose to fame with her Coke Studio season 14 song Pasoori. She has a lovely voice, and music fans were blown away by her excellent performance. Let’s take a look at the complete biography, age, songs, and other interesting facts about Pakistani singer Shae Gill.

Shae Gill Biography

Shae became a social media celebrity after the unveiling of her infectiously catchy Coke Studio song Pasoori in partnering with Ali Sethi.


Shae will be 23 years old in 2022.

Religion and Citizenship

Shae Gill is from Lahore, Pakistan. Her religion is Islam, and she is a Muslim.

How Did Shae Gill Become So Popular?

Her song Pasoori, that has become a hit in India and Pakistan, has recently garnered a lot of attention for her.

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As of the publication of this article, her song had received over 27 million views on YouTube and nearly 600k likes. Her song video is inspiring, and her voice is amazing.


She is a student of Fine art.

She has a fascinating personality that has made her a social media viral sensation.

Her listeners’ responses to her song are more satisfying as she has a great voice and her song is becoming more popular all over the world.


She doesn’t reveal anything about her family.

Single or Married?

In terms of a boyfriend or husband, Shae is not in a relationship. According to social media, he is not in a relationship.

Instagram Account

She Has Around 185k Insta Followers.

Pasori is a fusion hit song with music tastes ranging from reggaeton to rubab soulful tunes. When asked to describe the process of filming the song, Shae simply stated that it was “a lot of fun.”

The singer has stated that she would like to perform with rap duo New Stunners and Indian musician A R Rahman in the future. Fans flocked to the comments section to support Shae’s collaboration with the former artists, with many even tagging the rappers and requesting that they work on a project with Shae.

Shae has a lot of plans for her musical journey in 2022, with her primary concerns being “writing” and “learning classical music.”


Her singing career began at a young age. She has a number of singing videos on her Instagram account. Shae’s singing career began at a young age. She has shared a number of singing videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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People who have followed Shae’s career since before her CokeStudio appearance will recall how she gained fame after recording a rendition of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem, Aaj Bazaar Mai, for a local publication, Womanistan.

Shae’s musical career started in the boarding house so she used to live with her best friend in Lahore. “At the time, we were just starting to record videos, and that’s how Shae Gill got started.” According to the singer, she is easily influenced by “people who live their lives passionately.”

Gill is an extremely successful female singer. She was born in Pakistan and raised there. She recently gained a lot of attention following the success of her song Pasori, which has become a hit in both India and Pakistan. Her song had over 27 million views on YouTube and 600k likes as of the publication of this article. Her singing video is inspiring, and her voice is incredible. She has an enticing personality that has helped her become a social media sensation. Her fans’ reactions to her song are more positive because she has a wonderful voice as well as her song has become popular worldwide.

Gill’s reaction had Coke Studio’s executive producer, Xulfi, in the comments section all teary-eyed. Even Sethi made appearances and praised his co-singer. “Gill, Shae I’ve had a hundred people tell me you’re the ‘Dua Lipa of Pakistan’ (you are true self, and no one else is like you), “He stated.

We can’t wait to hear more from Gill and see what the “Dua Lipa of Pakistan” has in outlet for us after ‘Pasori.’ This Hit Maker Will Surely gonna amaze Everyone With her upcoming Songs.