Category : Social Star

Pria Beniwal

Pria Beniwal is a famous Fashion Blogger, Instagram Star, TikTok star, social influencer, Youtube Star, model in Delhi, India. She is known for her Beautiful Looks, cute smile, Stylish and hot Personality. She was born on 17 February 1996, Delhi, India. Now her age is 24 years old as of 2021. At present, Pria Beniwal ..

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Rangan Riddo

Rangan Riddo is a famous TikTok star, social influencer, YouTube Star, singer in Bangladesh. She was born on 14 April 1998 in the Faridpur district of Bangladesh. Now her age is 23 years old as of 2021. At present, Rangan Riddo lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh right now with her family. She becomes famous for her ..

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Freelancer Nasim

Freelancer Nasim is a famous social influencer, YouTube Star, Freelancer, Web Developer & Entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He was born on February 20, 1995, in Dinajpur, Bangladesh. Now her age is 26 years old as of 2021. Nasim is the youngest successful freelancer in Bangladesh. Everybody knows him as a freelancer and YouTuber. Also, he is ..

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