Puchi Family Owner Name, Members Name, and Family

Puchi Family is a famous, and big cat family in Bangladesh. Puchi Family owner name is Tapashi Dash. She maintains the Puchi family very carefully. Now Puchi family has 12 members.

‘Puchi Family’ is run by Tapashi Das, who is a homemaker, a mother of two sons and 14 cats

Puchi, her husband Hamba, their four children Dhola, Mula, Pumba, and Payesh, Puchi’s mother Fiona, Shuji and her son Moti, and five other cats make one of the most famous families in social media, ‘Puchi Family’.

  • This adorable cat family has become an addiction for their more than five lakh fans on social media. People love to watch these cats playing and going through their daily life for hours.
  • ‘Puchi Family’ is run by Puchi’s owner Tapashi Das, who is a homemaker, a mother of two sons and 14 cats.
  • Yes! 14 is a lot of cats if you are living in a 1,200 square-foot rented apartment and dependent on a single person’s earning.
  • “But at the same time 14 is a very small number if you have love for the animals and think that these innocent animals deserve a comfortable and healthy life, just like us humans,” says Tapashi Das.
  • Unfortunately, this generosity is not appreciated enough by our society.  Tapashi recently got an eviction notice from her housing society for having this many cats.
  • According to the neighbours, she is bringing in dirty, sick cats from the streets to their building. And they are disturbed by the odd smell of the cats.

Puchi Family Facebook About:

Hi, I’m Puchi. I live in Bangladesh with my big cat family. My “Tapashi” creates funny posts and videos with us. People love those videos and posts. We usually adopt or rescue cats and try to find a safe home for them. Anybody can send mail to tapashi.ch@gmail.com. Also, we remain connected by our Facebook group “Puchi Family Home”

Puchi Family About

She got married very young and a new marriage, in-laws, babies, and a struggling financial condition took her away from her responsibilities towards the animals for a certain time.

In 2017, she started with a little cat named Mini, but she did not even realize how quickly she became the owner of five cats.

Soon after Tapashi adopted Fiona who gave birth to Puchi. Puchi grew up and was ‘married off’ to Hamba.

Tapashi was an active member of many cat-related Facebook pages, where her cats were very popular. Particularly Puchi was the life of those pages.

“If I skipped an update on Puchi even for a day, I used to get hundreds of messages in my inbox, all asking about her whereabouts. I had five cats at that time but I still cannot figure out why no one else was able to capture people’s hearts like the way Puchi did. So on request of my friends and fans, I opened the Puchi Family page in December 2019,” said Tapashi Das.

She created individual characteristics for her cats, like ‘Gorgeous Puchi’, ‘Characterless Hamba’, ‘Vamp Shuji’ etc. In her photos and videos, the cats play the role according to the characters.

“Working with humans is easier, you can teach them. But working with cats is harder as it all depends on their mood and the timing,” explains Tapashi.

Tapashi said Puchi and her family love seeing their videos and they are very comfortable in front of the camera.

This amazing feline family is not only a way of entertainment but also an inspiration for all of us.