Tomiii 11 (YouTuber) Wiki/Bio, Age, Cancer, Family, Career, Videos


Tomás Blanch is an 11-year-old Chilean boy who managed to fulfill his dreams. He is a Chilean YouTuber who was born on June 13, 2009. In just two days he managed to go from 34 to almost 5,000,000 subscribers on YouTube after a campaign was started on this platform to fulfill the desire of “Tomi” -as he is known- to be YouTuber.
The story of Tomás Blanch went viral after he achieved his dream of becoming a YouTuber in two days. The 11-year-old boy suffers from a degenerative disease that does not allow him to see out of his right eye and has problems using his hands. He was diagnosed with brain cancer. He is seen with a bandage on his right eye due to this, and he cannot use his left arm. As a result, he has to use a specially made keyboard for one-handed use. He is a Boy Scout. He has now 8 million subscribers.

Full Name: Thomas Blanch Toledo
Known as:  Tomiii 11
Date of Birth: June 13, 2009
Nationality: Chilean
Occupation: YouTuber
Style: Gaming & Vlogging
Date Joined: January 4, 2021
Other Media: Instagram
Videos: 32+

Career –

Tomas Blanch is just a 12 years old kid who has made his dream true. He is a Chilean YouTuber who started his journey in 2021.
He has the fastest channel which gains 1 million subscribers: Around 4 hours. He has been one of the few YouTubers who have reached one million subscribers in a few days.
According to SocialBlade, the maximum number of subscribers this channel had in one day (April 7, 2021) was around 2.89 million. The very first video that he uploaded is titled “video de Prueba”, which was uploaded on March 19, 2021. In his YouTube channel, he shares some advice that gammers can use to be able to easily handle online games.