Tania Brishty, Biography, Age, Lifestyle, Boyfriend

Tania Brishty is a Bangladeshi model and actress. Today Tania Brishty is a very popular actress on the small screen (drama). Tanya Rain was born on 9th September 1992 in Munshiganj district. He completed his schooling at Habibullah Pahar School.

Tania Brishty
Tania Brishty

Tania Brishty Date of birth and Age:

  • Born:¬†September 9, 1992
  • Age (As of 2024) : Years of 2024

What are you doing currently ??

BBA is currently studying. His father has been in exile for many years in his father’s job. Tania’s older sister Sonia Akhter. He is a national level tennis player. Tania started to rain as a model. Bit Channel participated in the Talk Show in 2002 and became the second runner-up.

Other activities:

Tania dances very well. And participated in various events. Tania has learned dance since childhood.

Tania Brishty Career Information:

Tania Rain started her acting life by acting in TB drama. He has acted in lots of plays. Tania Rain’s first movie (grass). Then she acted in many more films.

Tania Brishty Information about marriage:

On June 7, a two-family desire was married to Sabbir Chowdhury, a resident of Australia. Sabbir is a good officer in ABC Channel, Australia. He is also the director of many plays in Bangladesh. Sabbir was seen working on the play directed by Sabbir. In that Suva, their identity. But after a few days of marriage, they were separated. Tania is currently single.

Tania Rain’s body structure:

Tania’s height is 1-3 “. The body structure is extraordinary. The excellent figure possesses. After marriage, the baby did not take the baby. He did not exercise regularly. The front breasts have gone to the front of excellent heating. The stomach is not at all. Going back, the chest has come in front.

What do you like to do:

You love shopping and traveling. Tania’s favorite colors of rain are red and black. She loves to eat Chinese. When you retire, you like to listen to and sing different types of songs.

Who do you want to get married to?

Tania has been married to a rain. Now he is not willing to get married. How to take your career in front of a lot of ties this way. However, if a simple Shuja boy gets the marriage, you can think of marriage.

Tania Brishty Popularity:

There is no Facebook page for Tania Rain. Instagram does not use it. Twitter is not. So it is not possible to say exactly what Fen Foller is. But it is expected a lot.