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Sean Lannon allegedly beat a man he had hired to hide the decomposing remains of his ex-wife and two other victims in New Mexico, according to Albuquerque police.

The aspiring helper, Randall Todd Apostalon, 60, was found dead on March 5 in the passenger seat of his van in an airport parking lot in Albuquerque. The body of Jennifer Lannon, a 39-year-old South Jersey native, and the severed bodies of her boyfriend and another man were packed in storage containers in the cab and bed of the truck, police say.

Authorities allege Lannon left his victims in the garage the day before he and his children flew in from the Albuquerque airport to visit South Jersey. A Facebook page identifies Lannon, a resident of New Mexico at the time of the homicides there, as a native of Mullica Hill.

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Sean Lannon is 47 years old.

Sean Lannon suspect charged with fifth homicide

A native of New Jersey has been charged with a fifth murder, after previously confessing to committing a cross-country massacre that left four dead. Sean Lannon of New Mexico initially admitted to the February 24 murder of Randall Apostalon, 60, a man he unknowingly hired to help move the remains of three other victims who had been stuck in shipping containers. storage, according to NJ Advance Media. .

The boxes contained body parts of Lannon’s ex-wife, Jennifer Lannon, 39, and two other men who admitted to killing in their Grants, New Mexico home after finding evidence that the three were abusing their children. small, according to the report. The decomposing remains of the four victims were reportedly found in Apostalon’s van at the Albuquerque airport on March 5, a day after Lannon flew to Philadelphia to kill 66-year-old New Jersey resident Michael Dabkowski. years old, a man who according to Lannon sexually abused him as a child.

In the latest confession, Lannon said he went to Dabkowski’s home in East Greenwich on March 8 to retrieve evidence of the alleged abuse and beat him to death with a hammer during a fight, according to the report. He was arrested in St. Louis on March 10, when he was returning to New Mexico, and confessed to the five murders.

Lannon also told police that he killed 11 other “drug dealers,” but authorities have yet to substantiate those claims, according to reports. The suspect reportedly said he murdered her ex-wife after he caught her and another man, Jessen Mata, 40, drugging her children. Lannon said he later lured Mata into his home and killed him, but not before Mata showed him a photo of two other men sexually abusing his children, according to the outlet.

Lannon said he later convinced one of the alleged abusers, Matthew Miller, 21, to his home and killed him, the article says.

When Lannon was arrested, he told police that he was on his way back to New Mexico to murder the other man who had allegedly abused his children in the photo, according to the report.

In Tuesday’s criminal complaint, Lannon reportedly said he hired Apostalon to use his truck to help him move the dismembered remains of Jennifer, Mata, and Miller. When the two couldn’t find a storage unit, Apostalon allegedly told Lannon to remove the containers from his truck. After Lannon realized he had no place to put the evidence, he beat and killed the old man and stole his truck, parking it next to a dumpster at his apartment complex to hide the smell, according to court documents. .

Lannon then reportedly drove the truck to the airport and went home in a taxi to pick up his children and return to the airport to fly east to end the murder spree. Police were alerted to the smelly vehicle a day later and discovered Apostalon’s body in the front seat covered by a tarp, according to the report.

Lannon reportedly remains incarcerated in New Jersey in connection with Dabkowski’s murder.