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Sanjeeb Choudhury was a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, writer, journalist and political activist. He was born in 25 December 1964 – 19 November 2007at Baniachong Upazila in Habiganj.(Then east Pakistan, now Bangladesh)

He was one of the two leading members of the Bengali band Dalchhut with Bappa Mazumder. Sanjeeb Choudhury was the composer in Dalchhut’s four albums and wrote and tuned many songs with his popular voice and has one solo album named Swapnobaji. He was admired for his deep voice and known as a lyrical genius in the Bengali music history. He was also a journalist and worked for the newspaper AjkerKagoj, BhorerKagoj, and Jaijaidin. He was an activist during the mass upsurge against the autocratic regime of Hossain Mohammad Ershad.


Life of “Sanjeeb Choudhury” At a Glance:

  • Name: Sanjeeb Choudhury
  • Profession:
    Journalist and
    Political activist
  • Date of Birth: 25 December 1964
  • Place of Birth: Baniachang, Habiganj, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Education:
    University of Dhaka
  • Father: Gopal Choudhury
  • Mother: Prabasini Choudhury
  • Grandfather: local Sarat Roy Choudhury
  • Spouse: Progga Nasrin Shilpi
  • Years active: 1996-2007
  • Death: 19 November 2007
  • Dying Age: 42 years
  • Dying Place: Apollo Hospital in Dhaka
  • Reason For Death: Brain hemorrhage

Early Life and Education of “Sanjeeb Choudhury” :

Sanjeeb Choudhury was born at Baniachong Upazila in Habiganj on 25 December 1964. However, his ancestral home is in Dasghar village of Bishwanath Upazila. Sanjeev Chowdhury’s grandfather was the local Sarat Roy Choudhury. He was the seventh child of Gopal Choudhury and Prabasini Choudhury.

He graduated from the journalism department of Dhaka University and organized various cultural programs and taught his classmates how to sing during his time at the university. During the mass upsurge against Hossain Mohammad Ershad his poems gained popularity as he was known to his Dhaka University colleagues as Sanjeebda or Brother Sanjeeb. He initially sang at a band group named Shongkhochil.

Career of “Sanjeeb Choudhury” :

During the mid 1990s Sanjeeb Choudhury and Bappa Mazumder formed their band Dalchhut which within a short time gained popularity. In 1996, Dalchhut released their first album Ahh. The duet song in the album Shada Moila Rongila Pale become an instant hit. Dalchhut’s second album was Hridoypur (2000), which happened to be their most popular album. In the album, Bappa and Sanjeeb sang the song Gari Chole Na of Shah Abdul Karim which was shown on Ittadi. Choudhury’s solo Ami Tomakei Bole Debo was another song of that album. In Dalchhut’s third album Aakaashchuri (2002), folk tuned song Bioscope was again shown on Ittadi and became famous. Sanjeeb’s solo album Swapnobaji was released in 2005. In 2007, Dalchhut’s final album Jochhnabihar (2007) was released after a long break. Sanjeeb wrote the title song Jochhnabihar and tuned and sang some others.

Journalism and political views:

Sanjeeb Choudhury was a Bangladesh Students’ Union activist. During his intermediate study in Dhaka College he involved with this leftist student political organization and during his undergraduate study in Dhaka University he was cultural secretary of central committee of Bangladesh Students’ Union. After his graduation from the journalism department of Dhaka University, Choudhury worked in a number of dailies. He started off at Ajker Kagoj and later joined Bhorer Kagoj and established himself as a feature writer. He was the departmental editor of Mela which was a popular supplement of the paper. Subsequently, he became the editor of Istikutum and Pathok Forum which brought the readers of the newspaper to a place where they had the chance to express their views. He taught and trained many young journalists and run many workshops. He also worked in Jaijaidin for a while.

Personal Life:

Sanjeeb Choudhury was married to Progga Nasrin Shilpi. Together they had a daughter named Kingbadanti.

Death of Sanjeeb CHowdhury:

Sanjeeb Choudhury died from brain hemorrhage at the Intensive Care Unit of Apollo Hospital in Dhaka On 19 November 2007, in the age of 42, after a sudden sickness on 15 November 2007. He was a humanist philosopher and donated his body for research to the Anatomy Department of Dhaka Medical College.

Sanjeeb Choudhury’s untimely death at moved people and music enthusiasts across the country. His deep voice, urgent lyrics and soulful music has made a tremendous impact in the lives of many and the country’s music scene is paying large tributes to this prodigy.


After the death of Sanjeeb Choudhury, department of Mass Communication and Journalism of the University of Dhaka started a scholarship program named Sanjeeb Chowdhury Scholarship for the students who did outstanding academic result

Kingbodonti (2008)

Kingbodonti, a musical tribute to Sanjeeb Choudhury, by Dalchhut and Souls. It was released on 25 December. It features the last song recorded by Choudhury


Swapnobaji (2005)
Ah (1997)
Hridoypur (2000)
Aakaashchuri (2002)
Jochhnabihar (2007)
Shat RongaShatjon
Kingbodonti (2008)
Film scores
Bachelor (2004)
HridoyGhotito – Hasan Masood (2006)
Kothao Keu Nei – BappaMazumder (1997)
DhuloPoraCithi – BappaMazumder (2001)
EkMuthoGaan 1 – FahmidaNabi and BappaMazumder

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