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Mizanur Rahman Azhari is the most popular Islamic scholar and preacher in Bangladesh. He is a highly educated person who completes her high-level education from Egypt Al-Azhar Islamic university.  In this article, I will publish Mizanur Rahman Azhari’s Education part to part. You can found below her full biography, age, photo, wiki, and her latest waz and her most popular Speech.

Quick Information

Full Name: Mizanur Rahman Azhari
NickName: Azhari
Birth Date: 26 January 1990
Age Now (as 2020) 29 Years
Birth Place: Dhaka, Demra
Hometown: Muradnagar, Kamilla
Profession: Islamic Scholar
Years active: 2016-present
Nationality: Bangladeshi

Height Weight & body measurement

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 75 Kg
Facebook official page link: Official Facebook page
Wife Mrs. Mizanur Rahman

Early Life

Islamic scholar Mizanur Rahman was born in Dhaka-Demra on 26 January 1990. Her father is a teacher of the madrasah.

In her family have 4 people: 

  1. father
  2. Mother
  3. brother
  4. And  Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Education Life of Mizanur Rahman Azhari

Mizanur Rhaman Azhari got GPA-5 in class eight examination in 2004  from Darul Jannat Siddiqia Kamil Madrasa, Dhaka-Demra, He also got a golden GPA-5 in alim madrasa examination in 2006. In 2007 Islamic foundation organized competition by Egypt government. Mizanur participates in this competition and wins the number one position. Then he got a chance to study in Egypt Al-Azhar Islamic University, After getting a chance he Immediately moves to Egypt for an undergraduate. From the Department of Tafsir and Quran Science, he got honors in 2012 with 80 %  CG-PA.

After spending five years of education in Egypt, he went to Malaysia in 2013. There he completed his post-graduation from the International Islamic University of the Garden of Knowledge. He completed his post-graduation from the University’s Department of Quran and Sunnah Studies in 2016. His CG-PA in Masters was 3.82 out of four.

Mawlana Miznur Rhaman’s Title: Mizanur Rahman is her name & because of his studies of Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the title ‘Azhari’ is associated with his name.

Question: Mawlana Mizanur Rahman Azhari married or Not?
Answer: Yes. Mawlana Mizanur Rahman Azhari was married on 29 January  2014. He has two daughters.

Popularity: In a very short time, many people have made up their minds by discussing the simple Quran and Hadith with a simple voice. His research discussions have made him popular. He is very proficient in Bengali, Arabic, English. That is why people from different countries can understand his discussions. He has traveled to different countries of the world and participated in various seminars.

Question: How much earn Azhari?

Earnings: He has a Facebook ID and an official Verified Facebook page in the social network. There is no private YouTube channel. No specific information about monthly income was found. However, he did not sign the contract at Tafsir. You take what you get as Hadia. Live in Malaysia for most of the year. Doing a Ph.D. there.

When the time comes, Tafsir visits the concert. In addition, Baishakhi has done a program titled ‘Islam and Beautiful Life’ on television. I also uploaded more biography of popular people in Bangladesh.

Question: Where living now Mizanur Rahman Azhari?
Answer: According to the last update, He is living now outside of Bangladesh, He is now in Malaysia.

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Some Unknown Fact About azhari

Mizanur was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
He is married
have 2 doughtier children
Height?: 5 feet 6 inch
Weight?: 65 Kg
Hobbies?: Reading, traveling, speaking.
Favorite food?: Rice, Biryani, Arabian food.
Favorite color?: Blue, black, white and yellow
Hair Color?: Black
Eye Color?: Dark