Jim Kwik [Founder of Kwik Learning] Wiki, Age

Jim Kwik is the founder of KwikLearning.com, a widely recognized world leader in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning with students in over 150 countries.


Jim Kwik
Jim Kwik

JimKwik (born: 29 July 1973) is an American Entrepreneur. He is a Brain Coach, Mindvalley Trainer, and well known for his speed-reading and memory techniques. Jim Kwik is also the founder of Kwik Learning, where he taught people how to learn something very fast, how to optimize your brain for high performance, memory improvement. His age is 47 years as of 2020.

Name Jim Kwik
Born: 29th July 1973
Age (As of 2024) 50 Years of 2024
Nationality American
Home Town Westchester, New Work
Company Founded Kwik Learning
Occupation Brain Coach and Entrepreneur
Height 1.68 m (Approx)
Weight 70 Kg (Approx)
Maritial Status Un-Married
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black

Early life and Education:

Jim Kwik was born on 29th July 1973 in New York, he grew up in Westchester, New Work. In his childhood days at the age of 5 when he used to go to school, he had a brain injury.

After his brain injury he left with learning challenges, he lost his ability to read and learn. In those days his friends used to tease him with the name, “The Broken Brain Boy”.

In school when teachers gave him to read, he could not even read a word because all the words and letters seem to be random letters to him.

Career and Net worth:

After his brain injury at the age of 5, he thought that he is useless and a worthless person. But one day when he met one of his friend’s father then he realizes that he is not useless and after that began to read what he loves and kept focusing on the concept “How to Learn Something”, like that he invest years in learning how to learn.

Gradually after investing years he learned how to learn and became an expert in speed-reading, brain performance, memory improvement, and accelerated learning.
Now he is a famous and well-known Brain Coach. He had trained many CEOs, celebrities, and several big giant companies like Virgin, SpaceX, Fox Studios, Nike, Zappos, and  Harvard University.

For over two decades, Jim Kwik has served as the brain coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and educators, and as an advisor to many of the world’s leading CEOs and celebrities.

Net Worth: The Net Worth of Jim Kwik is $2 Million in 2020.


The biggest investment of Jim Kwik is his own learning platform that is “Kwik Learning”. And as he has amazing numbers of followers in social media accounts that are also big assets for him.

Personal Life:

Jim Kwik is currently an un-married and well-known Brain Coach and American Entrepreneur. Till now he had not disclosed his family members in social media.