Christian Kroll Biography, Founder of, The Tree Planting Search Engine

Christian Kroll
Christian Kroll

Christian Kroll (Born 5 December 1983) is an entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany. Christian Kroll runs the world’s largest environmentally aware search engine Ecosia use the profit made from users’ searches to plant trees where they are needed most.

The tree-planting organization, Ecosia, headquartered in Berlin, Germany is the world’s largest non-profit search engine founded by Christian Kroll. Till September 2020, the B Corporation-certified search engine organization had planted close to 100 million trees across 19 reforestation sites worldwide. The company is on track to plant 1 billion trees.  Christian Kroll’s date of birth is 5 December 1983 and their age is 36 years as of 2020.

Full Name Christian Kroll
Age (As of 2023) 39 Years of 2023
Hometown Berlin, Germany
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years Active 2009-Present
Founder, Tree Planting Search Engine
Current City Berlin, Germany
Nationality Germany
Religion Christian
Height (Approx) 1.8 m
Weight (Approx) 80 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red Black
Marital Status Not Known
Parents Father-Not Known
Mother-Not Known

Early Life & Education

Brought up in Berlin, Germany.

  • Alma Mater: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
  • Field Of Study: Business Administration ( – 7)

Activities and Societies:

  • Management
  • International Economy
  • Information Management

Career & Journey of Ecosia

Christian Kroll is very interested in ideas that can improve the world in a significant way — especially in the fields of environment and education.

After Christian finished his degree in Business Administration, he went on a trip around the world. While travelling, He became aware of the problems developing countries were facing and decided to become a social entrepreneur. During his journey, Kroll started, a green search engine to contribute to the protection of the rainforests.

Financial Reports

Till September 2020 Ecosia’s Total income was 1,474,316€

Ecosia’s August 2019 income net worth is $19.5 million out of which $9.5 million was invested into tree planting across the globe. Currently, Ecosia has 8 million active users worldwide. To earn the trust of the users, Ecosia monthly publishes financial reports on their website.

In Autumn, Ecosia gave away shares to the Purpose Foundation, to assure that its founders can never take profits out of the company or receive dividends. In 2017 Ecosia was accredited as a B Corporation and built its solar plant to ensure it was 100% renewable.

Working Examples

In 2018, Ecosia offered to buy Germany’s Hambach forest to save it from destruction from RWE.

Joram is a farmer. His forest used to be a wasteland. His well used to run dry, and his community suffered. Since restoring his trees, water has come back to the well and now provides for his entire Ugandan village. Life is good now.


  • Karma Konsum Award, 2011
  • Founder Award of German Ministry of Economics and Technology, 2011
  • Environment Award of Saxony-Anhalt, 2010
  • Utopia Audience Award, 2009


A LinkedIn user named, Andrea Göhler wrote, “I just listened to an impressive interview with Christian Kroll, the founder of the sustainable search engine Apart from the fact that he did not sell his enterprise when it became profitable but gave it away, some of his final sentences in this interview caught extra attention: planting 1 trillion trees (as in 1 with 12 Zeros…) would offset part of the damage that has been done to our planet. And the cost would be about 1(!) % of the annual global military expenses. Globally we have the space for those trees, and we have the money, and we have the kids telling us not to mess up the planet- but we don’t do it?! How can that be?? Anyway, Christian Kroll, this is your billboard on Berlins Alexanderplatz?:”

How to plant Trees via Ecosia?

As we said above Ecosia uses sponsored results just after the organic search results. For every sponsored result, Ecosia earns money from advertisers and uses 80% of its revenue to plant trees worldwide. You can Install Ecosia Search Engine here:

Social Profiles

  • Linkedin: @Christian Kroll
  • Facebook: @Christian.kroll
  • Twitter: @christian_kroli


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