Artist Fouad kebdani Bio, Wiki, Age and Details

I am Fouad Kebdani, From Morocco, 30 years old, born on 02/01/1991 I previously worked in the field of aeronautics, at the same time a stylist and swimming coach! Art has been a talent since childhood and at the same time a source of income. I develop my skills in sculpture and drawing alone without academic training.


Art is a very important element in a gallery. Fouad Kebdani is a Islamic artist. He made his art in to much beauty. People like share and love his art. All kinds of newspapers cover his art picture. He made his art as a top level of art.

Some art of Kebdani is very awesome. His macro art are more famous for art’s beauty. We contact with him, and ask his biography and family details. He gave us in this post first paragraph information. We hope it is enough info for knowing about Fouad kebdani.

Every person line art and caliography. As a muslim we much like Arabic and Islamic caliography and any creation. Fouad kebdani is a person who makes beautyfull art on a small backgroud. He make a name of Allah and our propeth in a pensil. He use small thing to create his art, That’s why his art mostly famous in social media.

Many newspaper made news with his picture and art. You can show his art on this post featured image. We hope this image you like very much. Personally this article writer like Fouad Kebdani’s all art and creation.

For your kind information we post this article here. We hope you like this article. If we get more information about him. We updated information in this post. Please stay with for much viral people biography and family details.