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Anna Paulina Luna obtained a temporary restraining order against one of her campaign opponents, who she says conspired with two previous political opponents to kill her.

“I don’t feel safe and am currently in fear for my life,” Luna, who is running for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, wrote in the injunction petition, a copy of which was obtained by Florida Politics.

Luna sought the injunction against William Braddock, 37, who on Monday ran as a Republican candidate for the same congressional seat that Luna is seeking.

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She says potential political opponents conspired to kill her

Anna Paulina Luna, a candidate for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, obtained a stalking warrant against one of her future opponents, saying he and two other potential candidates conspired to kill her.

Luna previously raced Charlie Crist in 2020 for the seat covering southern Pinellas County and lost. She obtained the temporary injunction against William Braddock, a 37-year-old St. Petersburg resident who said he plans to register with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday as a Republican candidate for the congressional seat.

“Millisecond. Luna has no comment at this time due to the multiple ongoing police investigations into this matter,” said James Blair, Luna’s spokesman. “Those investigations are based on Mr. Braddock’s own threats and actions, and we trust that the facts will be made public at the appropriate time. ”

In her petition for an injunction, Luna says that she is a candidate for Congress and was the Republican candidate for the 2020 cycle.

“I received information yesterday (at midnight) about a plan (with a timeline) to assassinate me made by William Braddock in an effort to prevent me from winning the election for FL-13,” Luna wrote.

In the court order, which was served on Braddock on Friday, she says Braddock and his “political opponents” Matt Tito and Amanda Makki know where he lives. She says that Braddock is working alongside the two of them to “get” her out of her, and she says that he clarified that it means that he intends to kill her.

Tito and Makki were named in the warrant Braddock received, but they say they have not been served one. Tito lost a race for the Florida House of Representatives in 2020 and Makki lost to Luna in the 2020 Congressional primary.

Luna says Braddock sought to interact with her twice, once in coordination with Tito and sought out her husband, Andy Gamberzky.

Braddock said he doesn’t even have Luna’s number and that he has only been with her in person once, at a meeting hosted by a local Community Patriots organization. Braddock said that he shook hands with Luna’s husband at that event, thanked him for her service, and said that he would be one of the candidates against Luna.

“This woman is crazy and doesn’t need to represent anyone,” Braddock said.

In the petition, Luna references files on the case with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the St. Petersburg Police Department. The agencies said they could not provide documents because the case is still open.

The court order prohibits Braddock from going to the Conservative Grounds, a coffee shop in Largo that often hosts conservative groups, or to any event where Luna, who described herself as a conservative activist traveling for work, is speaking.

“I feel and fear that this is an orchestrated attempt on my life organized and carried out by William Braddock and he claims that he is working together with Ms. Makki and Mr. Tito,” she wrote in the petition.

A hearing on the extension of the injunction is scheduled for June 22.

“I really don’t have any plans to prepare because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Braddock said. “It is a false police report and he will probably go to jail for filing a false police report.”

Braddock said he received notice of another court order Friday from Erin Olszewski, a nurse, and author of the book Undercover Epicenter Nurse, who says in a petition that she fears for her and Luna’s life. In a copy of Olszewski’s court order that Braddock provided to the Times, Olszewski said Braddock contacted one of her friends for information after attending an event she spoke at on May 27. Braddock said that she wanted her information to invite her to health reform. a round table that he planned to organize.

At her request, Olszewski says that Braddock told her that she would be a “guarantee” if she was around Luna.

In Olszewski’s request, she references a threatening conversation she recorded where Braddock says that she will make Luna “disappear”. But Braddock said that everything she told him was a reference to her career and not a threat, such as removing her from the primary. It was unclear what Olszewski’s relationship with Luna is.

When she was contacted by phone, Olszewski declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation.

In 2008, her ex-fiancé filed a petition in Orange County for a temporary injunction against Braddock, which was dismissed. She said the case was filed after a contentious breakup and had no merit.

Makki ran against Luna in the 2020 primaries. She is currently not in the running to represent the Congressional district, but she said that if Luna cannot manage to compete against another candidate, she does not have the temperament to be in politics. She said the information in Luna’s request is “nonsense.”

“I mean, I really think she’s exhibiting behavior that I would say is worrying,” Makki said. Matt Tito ran against Ben Diamond in 2020 for the Florida House seat for District 68 and is considering competing against Luna for the 13th Congressional District.

On May 26, Tito and Luna got into a fight while appearing on a radio show together. Tito pressured Luna to take photos in uniform after she left the military, a point of discussion Braddock called up and brought up. In her request, Luna mentions May 26 as a day that Braddock sought to interact with her and coordinated with Tito.

After the show, Tito said that he told Luna there were no hard feelings, but he said that she yelled at him and told him not to do it again. He said Saturday that Luna should suspend her campaign and drop out of the race, calling her unfit for the job. He said he is speaking to an attorney about a defamation claim because she named him in her injunction petition.

“Her goal of hers was to embarrass us, it was to get us out of the race, to intimidate us,” Tito said. “She has been rewarded for her bad behavior over and over again, so she keeps acting this way. Tito said that he knows Braddock through political circles and also considers Makki an acquaintance, although he says that she doesn’t often speak to either of them. He said that he doesn’t know what text messages or screenshots Luna is referring to, but that she has nothing to do with him.

“I’m surprised, but it’s like this is what she does,” Tito said. “She can’t debate you on politics. She plays the victim better than anyone she has ever seen. ”