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Alfredo Rosario Solis, 19, and Fernando Valdez-Alvarez, 18, were charged with three counts of second-degree murder for their alleged roles in the South Education Center school shooting in Richfield, Minnesota.

The shooting happened outside the South Education Center around 12:07 p.m., according to Police Chief Jay Henthorne. The school is about 20 minutes outside of Minneapolis. When officers responded to the scene, two students who were shot were found on the sidewalk, but both suspects left the scene.

Alfredo Rosario Solis Age

Alfredo Rosario Solis is 19 years old.

Minnesota Suspects Charged in School Shooting That Killed 1 Student, Injuring 2 Others

Two Minnesota teens have been charged with multiple counts of second-degree murder in connection with a school shooting Tuesday that left one student dead and another injured. The two suspects in a fatal shooting Tuesday outside a Minnesota school were identified by police Wednesday as 18- and 19-year-old students. A 15-year-old student was killed in the shooting and a 17-year-old student remains hospitalized in critical condition.

The shooting, which took place outside Richfield’s Youth Education Center shortly after noon Tuesday, occurred after an “altercation” between a group of five students who knew each other, Henthorne said. She said “a gun was produced” and two students were shot.

After being taken to the hospital, one student died from injuries sustained in the shooting and the other was in critical condition as of Tuesday.

Police say a third shooting victim did not receive any substantial injuries. South Education Center and other surrounding schools were put on lockdown until police officials deemed there was no continuing threat.

A witness saw five children walking by the school when the incident occurred, noting that he saw five children near a gold Chevy SUV near the school and then heard three shots followed by the vehicle driving away and then two more shots. , according to charging documents.

A staff member saw four students run toward the two teen defendants as if they were going to fight when one of the suspects “pulled a gun out of his pocket and began shooting,” charging documents state. The staff member told police that one of the clerks got into the vehicle and continued to shoot at the victims.

In addition, the staff member told police that he saw four more shots fired from the vehicle aimed at victims as they fled, stating that one victim turned to run when shot and then fell to the ground.

A witness told police that the defendants had a “black pistol, similar to a Glock, with an extended magazine.” Police say Solis was seen getting out of a tan pickup truck at her apartment complex minutes after the shooting.

While executing a search warrant at Solis’ residence, police found a Glock 45 9mm pistol in one bedroom with an empty magazine, a Nintendo Switch case with two magazines for a 9mm pistol in another bedroom, black belts for a Glock pistol, and 9mm ammunition.

During a search of Valdez-Alvarez’s residence, police found a vehicle that matched the description witnesses provided, noting that it is registered to Valdez-Alvarez’s stepfather. Charging documents reveal that police found five 9mm cartridge casings in the area where the defendant’s truck was parked, indicating they will undergo ballistic testing.